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[土耳其🇹🇷咖啡文化] #土耳其咖啡工作坊#深度文化體驗 👩‍🏫目前嘅土耳其咖啡形式從 卾圖曼帝國時代流傳下來,可以叫做expreso 嘅最早的一種形式 2013 年列入UNESCO 非物質文化遺產。 煮土耳其咖啡嘅專用咖啡壺叫「Cezve」,加熱🔥方式可用明火或者沙 Mosaic Art Studio 傳承鄂圖曼帝國多元民族👦🏻🧑🏼👩‍🦰👳🏻‍♂️👨🏿‍🦲共存的特色 繼續散播咖啡文化到世界各地 👀睇吓我哋嘅學員幾咁國際化🌎就知la 😌 歡迎留言或DM 📲WhatsApp : 9151 6968 👇 網上預約土耳其咖啡及藝術🎨工作坊 🌎 [Turkish 🇹🇷 Coffee Culture] #turkish coffee workshop# deep cultural experience Turkish coffee is definitely a classic - it's been around since the Ottoman Empire, and in 2013 UNESCO even recognized its cultural significance! Making this special brew requires more than just water and beans; you'll also need a "Cezve" to heat everything up. At Mosaic Art Studio, we strive to keep Turkish coffee culture alive with our unique blend of techniques inherited from the captivating mix of ethnicities that once populated the empire.👦🏻🧑🏼👩‍🦰👳🏻‍♂️👨🏿‍ With us spreading Turkish coffees far and wide across the globe, these delicious drinks can now be enjoyed by all cultures alike! Welcome to leave a message or DM 📲WhatsApp: 9151 6968 👇 Online reservation for Turkish coffee and art 🎨 workshop 🌎 #土耳其燈 #土耳其馬賽克燈 #土耳其旅游 #土耳其馬賽克燈工作坊 #turkishlamps #turkishmosaicart#arttherapy #土耳其咖啡#土耳其文化 #turkishcoffeehk #languageexchangehk #文化交流