Land of Fairy Chimneys and beautiful horses

Lying at the center of the Anatolian region, Cappadocia is a miraculous natural wonder where ash and lava spouting from volcanoes were eroded by rain and wind millions of years ago to create an unusual rock formation called "fairy chimneys." Here, nature and history come together in a spectacular landscape.

Dating back to 300 B.C., Cappadocia hosts many historic and natural places. Throughout history, the fairy chimneys have been home to civilisations, where people established underground cities and churches. The surrounding countryside was called many different names like the most well known given by the Persians  "Katpatuka," meaning "the land of beautiful horses.”

The local Christians were persecuted by the Romans and they often had to hide from hostile forces. When they heard hoof beats, they would abandon the cave churches and go underground - quite literally. Beneath Cappadocia’s rock formations is a network of subterranean cities, which housed up to 10,000 people each. The largest discovered are almost ten levels deep, with narrow passages connecting the floors like hamster tunnels.

The area’s most extraordinary phase was during the medieval era, when the valleys were a refuge for Byzantine Christians. The religious troglodytes established monastic settlements, and their cave churches add a biblical solemnity to the Flintstones-like region. The Göreme Open-Air Museum, a World Heritage site, has the best collection of chapels and living quarters, most dating to around the 11th century.

Cappadocia Theme DIY Kit
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