Unique Workshops

Mosaic Lamp Workshop


Enlighten your nights with the traditional Turkish lamp that you build piece by piece.

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Turkish Ceramic Painting Workshop

At this beginner traditional Turkish ceramic painting course, you will have great fun learning Traditional Relief painting technique with food-safe colors.

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Turkish Coffee Workshop

Turkish Coffee is tradition, art, ritual, and culture.

Discover the culture and rituals and art of making Turkish coffee in Mosaic Art Studio.

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Ebru Painting on Silk Scarf

Ebru painting is the art of creating colorful patterns on water & transferring the pigment to paper, silk and some other materials. 

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What is Mosaic Art Studio?

Mosaic Art Studio is a social enterprise established to promote  inter-cultural dialogue and understanding by providing art and socio-cultural experiences originated from West Asian and Central Asian countries.

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Past Experiences

Group & Corporate Workshops

Relish the vivid experience of mosaic lamp making with your family, friends, and colleagues at Mosaic Art Studio, your workplace or even online.

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Team Building Events

We are very experienced in planning various types of art events including but not limited to Mosaic Art Workshops, Ebru water marbling classes, and Turkish cooking classes at different venues.

Programs for kids

From after school programs to summer camps, Mosaic Art Studio offer fun, lively, quality art workshops to your child where they can discover their creativity through exploring the diverse world of art and culture.

Birthday Parties

Contact us for an exciting private party that can be tailored to perfectly suit all ages.

Bridal Showers

At Mosaic Art Studio, you can make your bridal shower a unique and memorable event. You and your bridemaids will enjoy being creative together in our bright and fun studio. Do not hesitate to share the joy of this once-in-a-lifetime experience with your beloved ladies..

DIY Home Kit

With our mosaic lamp making sets we aim to bring a forgotten art form to your house while inspiring you with some of the beauties of Turkey.

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Learn More About Turkish Culture

Traditional Turkish Handicrafts - Ceramics

The particular climatic and geographical features of Anatolia have enabled locals over the centuries to create a unique cultural mosaic. Different civilizations have blessed Anatolia with a cultural heritage that...

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A Brief History of Turkish coffee

Before 900s, Galla tribe discovers the stimulating effect of coffee beans in Ethiopia. Coffee beans are roasted, ground and lumped by being mixed with oil. In 1000s, the plant brought...

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