Zoom "Nava" Musical Gatherings -2- Egyptian music night -  Workers, Lovers, Dancers, and Dopers

"Nava" Musical Gatherings -2- Egyptian music night - Workers, Lovers, Dancers, and Dopers

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The Nur Collective x Mosaic Art Studio: The Nava Music Series 

Egyptian music night - Workers, Lovers, Dancers, and Dopers

An intimate musical gathering tracing the dawn of Egyptian pop music in the 1910s until the Golden Age of Arabic music in the 1960s. We will perform Sayed Darwish’s political pop music and one of Umm Kulthum’s iconic love songs among other pieces, and explore the coming together of religious sounds, musical ecstasy, revolutionary zeal, national identity, etc. in forming this music.

Date: 30/07/2022

Time: 08:00pm


Alicia Lie - Voice

Alicia Lie started studying Arabic while doing a PhD in philosophy. She spent many summers in Egypt to improve her Arabic. She was curious about the religion and the politics, but fell in love with the literature and the music. She first studied the oud, then starting to sing.

Eugene Leung - Oud

Eugene Leung studied Central Asian musics for a number of years, before turning his attention to Arabic music since the founding of The Nur Collective in 2018. He has since studied the Arabic violin and oud with masters from Morocco and Palestine respectively.  

Dickson Cheung - Riqq

Dickson Cheung started playing the Arabic drums darbuka and riqq in 2009, studying under masters such as Karim Nagi, Faisal Zedan and Harzum Matias. He is the founder of the ensemble Darbuka Dreams, and has been featured on the international show “Belly Dance Evolution” as well as various local TV programmes.