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【主播GoGoGo】初手試整馬賽克燈 究竟成唔成功? 主播搵咗我地導師Musa,教整馬賽克燈,嚟個自製馬賽克燈嘅體驗。 雖然主播係第一次整,但佢都整得似模似樣 所以😆 自覺平凡嘅自己 其實都係藝術家🧑‍🎨 只要你願意 釋放另一面嘅自己 一個充滿 創造力嘅你❤️🫵 我哋才華橫溢嘅老師 激發大家創造力😺 培養成就感💪 網上預約土耳其🇹🇷馬賽克燈工作坊 🌎 或 📲DM ,WhatsApp 我地 9151 6968 Our tutor Musa teaches the host how to make a mosaic lamp It is her first time but already looks like a pro 👍 You are all artists 🧑‍🎨 if you are willing to release the other side of yourself You are creative ❤️🫵 Our talented and professional teacher Stimulate everyone's creativity 😺 Cultivate a sense of accomplishment💪 Make an online reservation for Turkish 🇹🇷 mosaic lamp workshop 🌎 or 📲DM ,WhatsApp me 9151 6968 #土耳其燈 #土耳其馬賽克燈 #土耳其旅游 #土耳其馬賽克燈工作坊 #turkishlamps #turkishmosaicart#arttherapy #DIY #團隊活動#合作#gathering