Zoom Nava Musical Gatherings -4- Persian Music Night

Nava Musical Gatherings -4- Persian Music Night

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Nava Musical Gatherings -4- Persian Music Night

The meditative and ecstatic sounds of Persian classical music is the most expressive medium for mystical love in classical Persian poetry. What is more, it has also been a vehicle for ardent expression of fears and hopes in the some of the most tumultuous periods in recent Iranian history. Discover the soul of this civilisation through their intricate and passionate music .

Guest performers: 

Hamed Sadeghi
Hamed Sadeghi is a self-taught vocalist who began learning Persian and Egyptian classical music from a very young age. He is also a research scholar in the field of earth science and is currently a visiting assistant professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Peyman Aela
Peyman Aela comes from Tehran and has been playing the santur as a hobby since 2003. He was trained by Mahyar Toreihi, one of top three santur players in Iran for the two years before pursuing a PhD in Beijing, where continued to perform, including at a cultural event held by Beijing Jiaotong University. Currently, he is a Postdoc Fellow in Geotechnical engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and is passionate in participating in traditional music activities in Hong Kong.

Eugene Leung
Eugene Leung is a co-founder of the Nur Collective and is active in performing music from Central Asia and the Middle East on various instruments in Hong Kong. He has been studying Persian classical music on the oud with the young master Yasamin Shahhosseini since 2022.

(Private event. Admission by pre-registration only)