4 traditional Turkish arts and crafts workshops in Hong Kong

Looking to get creative as the year comes to an end? Hong Kong certainly offers numerous things to do, but have you ever tried your hand at Turkish art and crafts? Well, you’re in luck, because this is one of the most underrated art workshops to dip your creative hands into! Find out what exciting classes and crafts you can try in Hong Kong this season.
Photo: Mosaic Art Studio

What is Turkish art?

With its vast history, it’s no surprise that the traditions and artefacts of Turkey all have their own unique techniques when it comes to crafting beautiful designs. Turkish art refers to all the works of visual art that originated in Turkey and traditional art forms range from different mediums such as metal, glass, marbling, lamps, and even stone carvings.

Photo: Mosaic Art Studio

Where can you learn Turkish art?

Mosaic Art Studio is a social enterprise that aims to promote intercultural dialogue and understanding through art and socio-cultural experiences from West and Central Asian countries. The studio offers a range of workshops, including Turkish mosaic art, which allows you to discover and cultivate your inner artist and creativity.

Mosaic Art Studio is the place to be to learn Turkish art in Hong Kong, taught by Turkish and local instructors! Below are just some of the exciting workshops that they offer.

Sounds interesting? Seize the chance to learn something new this autumn! Sign up for one of these classes at Mosaic Art Studio and let your inner creativity flow! Plus, you can arrange an arts and crafts date with friends and loved ones for a bonding experience, or think ahead for a handcrafted present that you may want to gift them for the upcoming holidays.

Source: Localiiz.com